Version 0.2.5.

In this version we added 11 new events with Angelica. Events with Gina will be added in the next version – we want to improve them.
Following players’ wishes, we remade the development of events with Angelica, making their completion easier. Now, in order to seduce Angelica or to start teaching her modeling, you don’t need to get to the second level of the game. The completion depends only on the correct choice on forks (if you make an incorrect choice, the scene repeats in three days).
After the first photo shoot, events with Angelica are divided into two different plot threads.
Adventures with Angelica start in the very beginning of the game, and you can complete all of the adventures without diverting your attention to other characters.
If our players like that the game is so easy to complete, we’ll change the course of events with all of the other characters of the game in the same manner.


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