Version 0.2.5.

In this version we added 11 new events with Angelica. Events with Gina will be added in the next version – we want to improve them.

The version 0.2 is out.

We added a dozen of new events with Foxy (we continued events with her in VIP version).
Events with Foxy are divided into: if you’re strict with her you can start sexual relationship with her (in this VIP version already).
New events with Foxy start when you get to the second level of the game.

What was added to the version 0.1.5 (in comparison to the version 0.1.3):

  1. We added over a dozen new, complex dialogues that will allow you to unlock new options.
  2. We added the first photo shoot with Angelica.
  3. When you learn more about the babysitter, you’ll be able to complete a thread of events with her that will lead you to a better relationship with her and then to mutual sexual passion (in the next versions of the game). Or you can choose to have a rough relationship with her, then you’ll be able to start sexual relationship with her in this version of the game already.
    In the VIP version 0.2 — that only VIP patrons will have, we added a couple of new events and we brought the events with Foxy to the same point…
  4. We remade the interface again, making it the way our players want it to be…

The version 0.1.3 of the game is out.

What’s new :

  1. We added a couple of new dialogues.
  2. We remade the game entirely again and we made it as easy to complete as possible.
  3. We finished and added new hints for each stage of the game.
  4. The Training was added to the game.
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